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Ruairidh Keeley

Design Engineer

Ruairidh spent four years at Loughborough university studying product design technology, graduating with first class honours degree in 2021.

Ruairidh is a thorough design researcher, unafraid to test design ideas and keen to see projects through to success. He is adept at advanced CAD design, design for manufacture/assembly and a wide range of programs within the Adobe suite. Ruairidh has a particular interest in working on design for medical projects, an area that GX specialises in. His final project at University involved developing a syringe-driver for end-of-life care in hospitals, hospices and even at home. Ruairidh did a lot of research into what people wanted and how they would use the syringe before working on the design which he believes contributed to the success of the final product.

A bit about Ruairidh

Ruairidh is an avid rugby fan and enjoys watching cricket. He was a member of the Loughborough University Cycling Club and has an active interest in bike building and maintenance. He also loves the outdoors, walking all year round, skiing in the winter and always trying to be as active as possible. He has hiked the West Highland Way, covering 96 Miles in 6 days (unsupported) and cycled both the Etape Caledonia and the Tour O The Borders, two classic annual closed-road Sportives held in Scotland.

Did you know?

Ruairidh was nominated for the New Designers 2021 award and achieved a Top 10 Accolade for Product Design in 2021

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