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John Elsden

Non Executive Chairman

John started his career in information technology as a developer, before moving into management, becoming a managing director for a Trafalgar House Group company.

Following a hostile merger of THG in 1992, John started his own business, Allied Powers. His aim was to advise small tech companies about business strategy, since many IT companies lacked a business minded person.  

In 2004 he was invited to join GX’s Board to help take the business in a different direction. Since then, he has been integral in developing the company, transforming it from three separate businesses into a group with an international reach.  

A bit about John

John enjoys helping the management team of small companies reach their true potential. He can frequently see ways a company could improve their business strategy.

By providing a neutral, external view, he assists the management team set a ‘vision’ and enjoys helping them reach this vision.  

Did you know?

John was just 30 years old when he was appointed as a managing director – making him the youngest ever within the conglomerate Trafalgar House Group.  

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