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Alex Blondek

Design Engineer

Alex has worked at GX since 2014, after graduating from Leeds University with a Masters in Product Design (MDES).

He’s involved in design projects from the very beginning gathering requirements at initial client meetings, generating concepts, right through to manufacture. Alex balances form with functionality, understanding the practical limitations of what clients are trying to achieve and applying creative problem solving to turn initial ideas into commercial realities. His involvement in the overall design, as well as the functional details, ensures he can identify how small changes could impact broader functionality at an early stage and incorporate amendments as and where necessary.  

A bit about Alex

Alex thrives on constantly learning and being stretched. As a self-confessed technophile, he is always interested to know why things work the way they do.

Always keen to continue learning and exploring innovations in design, Alex enjoys reading design books focusing on user centered design, and design thinking. He has also taught himself how to render and create animations by keeping up with new technologies.

Did you know?

Since working on a project that involved photography, Alex’s interest has peaked. In his free time he overhauls vintage mechanical cameras (pre- 1980s) and fixes mechanical parts on modern-day cameras. His photography consists of mostly landscapes, taken while exploring the outdoors.