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Jeremy Saunders

Technical Director

Jeremy Saunders is a joint founder of GX and is responsible for the electronic and software design team. It is due to Jeremy’s extensive knowledge of electronic hardware and design development, having studied Electrical Sciences at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, that GX has the expertise to integrate electronic components into the initial design. 

Jeremy works across projects both for product design and control system development where there is a need for either analogue or digital electronics. His knowledge of low power microcontrollers, embedded software and mechatronics has helped the design team gain a competitive edge within the world of automotive products. Here Jeremy’s unique perspective and understanding, such as adding a motorised needle onto an LCD cluster, has ensured many projects became viable commercial realities.

Under Jeremy’s direction he and his team are not afraid to embrace new technology and utilise this in current designs and then cross fertilise these ideas into other projects that the company is working upon. When haptic touch controls were in their infancy GX was amongst the first to integrate them into their designs for the automotive industry and then introduce them to consumer products.