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GX help bring science to food manufacturing

09 November 2017

Manufacturing of food and drink here in the UK is our largest sector, contributing £28.2billion to our economy. It is little wonder that manufacturers are turning to science to help refine and improve both production and even the nutritional information of products. Currently there are only a few nutrition research groups who can accurately identify and measure the power of food by testing the glycaemic index (GI).  Tests are done through human testing and recording blood glucose levels.

A product which design engineers, GX worked on several years ago in association with the Institute of Food Research, a model gut, has recently been considered as a way to help measure how glucose breakdown within the gut. The Dynamic Gastric Model mimics the process within the human stomach by featuring a truly dynamic in-vitro system, which allows scientists to see how foods are being processed when in the stomach.

‘It is really exciting to know that the design and improvements we suggested to the original prototype are still providing accurate results,’ commented managing director of GX, Mark Helmich. “Our design team introduced several ground-breaking processes into this design. For example, they spent considerable time researching which metals would not be corroded by the chemicals needed to replicate stomach acid. We are delighted that as well as helping to advance medical science, the model gut could also help the food industry with more accurate labelling and information.’

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